Hello, and thanks for coming to look at my pictures.

As you can see here, I love to take pictures. Most all of what you see here are things taken from a "general public" location or seating. So, imagine what I could do with a press pass and really high quality equipment. Any takers? If so please Email me

Speaking of equipment, mine is a Canon digital Rebel XTi EOS and a Canon PowerShot S2 IS. Both do wonderful work and for picture editing software I use Adobe Photoshop Elements.

In college, I minored in journalism because I love to write. However, thanks to a graduation gift of a nice 35mm SLR, I quickly learned I also love to take pictures.

Thanks again for looking at my works. It is my hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them and showing them to you. Additional galleries will be added from time to time so please check back to see new pictures.

Blue skies.

David Norris,